Malachite Butterfly
Sunset – Tathra
Green Anole
White Tern

Welcome to my photography homepage

See Australia and the world through my viewfinder!

Welcome to my new website where I would like to share with you some of my favourite images.  In my blog I’ll be exploring photographic related topics and there are pages of tips and hints to check out too.  If you like what you see, give me a Facebook like and tell your friends so they can come and visit too!  I’ll be adding new stuff all the time and adding a new blog entry every couple of weeks or so.

There are no pretensions to high art here, it’s just a collection of my best and favourite images.  I hope you find something you like too.  I am starting off with a relatively few images and I am slowly adding more to the galleries.  The images were captured with a range of cameras, digital and 35mm film.

I have been pretty much a lifelong photographer.  My first camera at age 10 was a Kodak Instamatic which went with me on our family holidays to Germany, France, Spain and Portugal.  Our family of six traveled in a well laden car.  We preferred to stay off the beaten track where possible and our accommodation was a large tent.

During my teenage years I pondered whether I might follow a career in photography but in University I pursued a different direction.  In the intervening years, a camera has never been far away.  I quickly outgrew my Instamatic and have worked through various 35mm SLRs and rangefinder cameras over the years but it was the move to digital technology in 2003 that re-ignited my passion.

For the last twenty years I have lived in Australia,  initially in Adelaide but now in Melbourne.  I am still working full time in my non-photographic profession and I find that I don’t get as much time to devote to my passion for photography as I would like.  My challenge is to change that balance for the better because there is no doubt that photographic opportunities are limited only by the imagination.

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