Are you in the the right space…?

Are you in the right space…?   Colour space that is.   Colour management is some thing that all serious photographers need to be aware of.  Put simply, colour management is a process that ensures consistency of colour appearance throughout your photographic workflow.  Important aspects of colour management are colour space and color model. Commonly used colour models are RGB, HSL and CMYK.  For the RGB color model, the color space can be visualised as a three dimensional object whose Continue reading

The best camera is…

…the one you have with you! (Chase Jarvis, photography legend). For some years now, most of my photography has been done with a relatively heavy DSLR system.  I love this camera and it has great image quality but, it just isn’t convenient to take everywhere.  For a while now, I have been thinking about an alternative, small, light and compact “go anywhere” camera that I can keep with me at all times. For many people, this need can be filled Continue reading

15 Tips For Better Photography

If you’re just starting out, here are 15 important tips for getting better photos, every time. Keep an eye on the weather Weather conditions can play a big part in setting the mood of your shot. Rather than waiting for the bright light of the midday sun, a misty morning in a forest can be the perfect time of day for that mood-shot. Take your time to choose the subject Take your time to choose the subject, then spend time Continue reading

5 Things Every Freelance Photographer Should Be Doing Online

Sometimes it seems the Internet was made just for photographers. On a social level it lets us share photos with friends and families, we can get together and talk camera gear and photographic technique, and it helps a lot of us overcome the ‘isolation’ that often goes hand-in-hand with a photography career. On a professional level, it provides the means to showcase our work to Clients, access new markets and conduct the entire stock photography sales process without leaving our Continue reading